What Is This?

This is a site for making erasures from public domain texts, mostly sourced from Project Gutenberg.

What Are Erasures?

Erasure is a form of found poetry or found art created by erasing words from an existing text in prose or verse and framing the result on the page as a poem.
— Wikipedia, "Erasure (artform)"

Who Made This?

Alan Harnum, a software developer and writer, made this. You can find out more about him at his website.

Who Owns Content Created Here?

Among other things, this site is an experiment in anonymous artistic collaboration. As part of creating and saving erasures on it, you agree to license the work under a Creative Commons 0 license - essentially, you give up your copyright in order to contribute it to the commons.

I recognize that anonymity has potential for abuse, and as the operator of the site, reserve the right to remove anything I would like if I judge it to be an abuse of the spirit (in various senses) of the site. In particular, I will remove anything I consider derogatory towards an individual, or hate speech of any kind.

The site's code is available on GitHub under the MIT License.